BRILLIAT ESTATES LIMITED (BEL) incorporated in 1991 has been engaged in Real Estate Development for over two decades. BEL was founded by Mr. Sanjay Choudhary. BEL is focused on constructing

high end commercial premises to attract the very best of corporate India, Multi-nationals and IT/ITES companies. Some of our prestigious clients include Trent, HGS, REGUS, CSC, HDFC bank and Govt. of M.P. BEL has been successful in creating more than a million square feet area of high quality commercial space in the city of Indore. BEL has always endeavoured towards providing quality work space. BEL’s one of the core mission’s is to make its every building a landmark in the city of Indore. It is this continuous and meticulous effort and thirst for improvement that has helped Brilliant Estates to establish itself as a premier office space provider in the city.